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The Company We Keep

Everyone needs companionship and stimulation to feel alive and engaged in life and this is especially true for seniors as the pace of their lives slows and their independence wanes with an increasing need for physical assistance and the managing of their health issues. Struggling alone, or even in a multi-generational home environment can be isolating without the company of peers to add a sense of commonality to life and a supportive environment addressing the concerns of the elderly. Therefore, at the Solano Life House, we believe strongly in the benefits of communal living for the elderly and so our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our residents through socialization and personal care services in a warm and supportive, home style environment. We encourage interaction and engagement amongst our residents and participation on the level that suits each individual.  We offer both private and shared rooms, yet we encourage compatible cohabitation at all stages of life as private rooms can often lend a sense of isolation at a time when socialization and companionship is most important. Room companions and our familial staff offer daily activity, friendships and stimulation that benefit our residents, your family members, in immeasurable ways.  We have a committed team of professionals dedicated to providing quality communal residence living with genuine compassion and care. Our attentive and considerate staff is our greatest asset and while our employees are all certified and experienced in elder care, we employ them for their personalities and compassion toward the residents. We hold the mindset that we are all part of a large family home and everyone here is viewed as extended family, ensuring care with respect and kindness.

Personal Care

We are a communal living environment which provides all levels of assisted living for seniors, from those who are largely independent but need a helping hand with grooming or medications, to those with some dependency due to physical limitations or mental impairment due to the onset of  Alzheimer's disease  or other forms of dementia. We also maintain temporary accommodation space for respite care visitors who may stay a few nights or weeks, and this is a wonderful means of acclimating a senior to our home. Regardless of our residents' needs or the length of their intended stay, maintaining the dignity of our residents is at the core of our staff training. Our professionals provide attentive care 24 hours a day, assisting our residents with all the activities of daily living. Three nutritious meals are prepared in our kitchen daily, with snacks offered between meals. Modified diets are also available. Management of medications, bathing and grooming, and personal laundry are included.


We have a simple goal for our residents; physical and mental stimulation for every resident every day. Working from each resident's personality and history profile taken upon move-in, our five person activities team designs group events and personal activities for our residents to remain engaged and active. For our active seniors, we load up the excusion van for day trips to head out and explore an ever growing list of destinations.



The only senior care home which offers our unique FLAT FEE for LIFE! We hope to not only eliminate the stress on family members by ensuring that loved ones are happy and well cared for, but we also eliminate the concern of fluctuating and rising costs of care by fixing the shared room resident's monthly charge at an all inclusive, set cost:

Assisted Living

- $3,950  / mo.   

- $130  / day respite stays   

Memory Care

- $4,950  / mo.   

- $165  / day respite stays   

- No levels of core charges 

- No services fees ("menu pricing") 

- No levels of care charges A resident pays the same from independence to hospice care. 

- No menu pricing Everything is included in the flat monthly fee. 

- No price increases .   The price will remain fixed at $4,950 for as long as a resident calls SLH home.



We honor our military veterans by offering a unique program to accept immediate occupancy in advance of veterans receiving their federal benefits(*). This means that a veteran with care needs no longer needs to endure the application and waiting time before getting care.  Our unique service saves our veteran residents months, and often up to a year or more, of benefits processing time that veterans would otherwise experience waiting before getting care.

2013 Federal veterans' benefit levels:


$2676 - two married veterans benefit  

$2054 - married veteran benefit  

$1732 - single veteran benefit

$1113 - surviving spouse benefit 

Note: Benefit amounts are governmental maximums, and are subject to eligibility. 

Solano Life House allows veterans immediate occupancy in advance of their forthcoming benefits. We  work with residents' families on the benefits process for our veteran residents, and will accept a reduced rent while awaiting those benefits, so that care is immediate, rather than making veterans wait indefinitely for those benefits before seeking care.  (*) We require a minimum monthly payment of $2000 for our incoming veteran residents during their benefits waiting time. Once benefits are released, all payment in arrears becomes due.   




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